About WeHelpen Kampen

WeHelpen Kampen is a local implementation of wehelpen.

Wehelpen is literally a movement of the people, by the people, for the people. People who need help, people who want to help, and informal caregivers who are already helping but who would like some additional support. These people find each other through the nationwide network wehelpen.nl. Together, they are creating a more socially-minded community in which helping and sharing help is something that goes without saying. United they are strong: (that is) strength through each other.


Neighbourliness and helping one’s neighbours used to be the most natural thing in the world: if you needed to borrow something, you asked your neighbour, and your neighbour was always ready to help you with a heavy chore. Nowadays it seems that asking for help, or even offering help, is something we’d rather not bother other people with. But you can’t get what you don’t ask for. In that way people may unintentionally find themselves on the sidelines, they become isolated. But there are also always people willing to lend a helping hand. If asking for help and offering help were just a little simpler, these people could easily find each other. That is what wehelpen is about. Wehelpen makes asking for, offering and sharing help easy again.


The cooperative society wehelpen is inspiring a nationwide movement towards more informal care and personal involvement in the community (civic participation). In other words, a modern version of the neighbourliness that we remember from the past. The concept is based on reciprocity: anyone can ask for help and anyone can help someone else in word or deed in their own way and in their own time.

For who?

Informal caregivers, volunteers, people in need, old people, young people: anyone who, for whatever reason, needs or wants to lend a helping hand or who wants to share help in an easier way. The ‘we’ in wehelpen stands for individuals as well as for organisations like municipalities, housing corporations, banks and employers. In that way everyone can express their (social) involvement based on their own dynamics.


The website wehelpen.nl is a nationwide platform where people who need help can connect with people who have help to offer. The platform includes an organizer and logbook function that can b shared privately by groups of people. That makes it easy to share and to organise help.

The people behind wehelpen

WeHelpen is a cooperative society. The members of the cooperative all believe in and actively support civic engagement. Their goal is a community in which we all make an effort to help each other. They implement wehelpen.nl and encourage their followers to do what they can to help. The members of cooperative WeHelpen include municipalities, social services and welfare institutions, health insurers, pension funds, hospitals and housing corporations. More information about the cooperative WeHelpen can be found on our website: www.cooperatiewehelpen.nl. Requests for help and replies are posted daily on www.wehelpen.nl.